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8 cubic inches is on the low end of the range I get from my sheet cakes, but it's in there.
Hmm. I typically go for 15-24 servings out of a 9x13 sheet cake, myself, which works out to about 7-11 cubic inches per serving, and the pattern of the frosting is often a cutting guide in itself (especially with my strawberry marble cake, on which I pipe strawberry shapes in a grid pattern, one per intended serving). With a pound cake baked in a Bundt mold, I typically go for 16 servings, using the ribs of the mold as a cutting guide.
Looks like your cyan printhead is either clogged or dead. Assuming you're not simply out of cyan ink.
Talk about bizarrely overrealistic:   No doubt it's (to coin a phrase) "a cellular peptide cake, with mint frosting."
 GIMP, in this context, is not a derogatory reference to a disability; rather, it is the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GNU like in Linux, not like in wildebeest), an open-source image editor that is both "free as in speech" and "free as in beer," and does most of what Photoshop Elements does, and a good chunk of the commonly used stuff Photoshop does. The name is kind of, ahem, "lame," and compared with Photoshop, the program itself is too, at times, but if you don't...
Two simple words: "Disco Dust."
Just like it's cheating to use edible printing to put something on a cake that's way beyond your skills with a piping bag? Or use somebody else's mass-produced royal/gumpaste/fondant flowers, or a DecoPac kit? To be honest, when I went out and photographed the roses in the back yard, GIMP'd them, and had a sheet of edible printing made, it was cheating, just as it was cheating for me to hand-pipe a picture of a rose onto a previous cake for my mother, but I honestly don't...
I remember, decades ago, a brief magazine article about "lead in pencils, but not in the lead"; it seems that at the time, some pencil manufacturers were using lead paint on pencils.   At any rate, not my problem; as anybody else here who's also on FPN would know, my writing instrument of choice is a fountain pen. And no, I don't have one with food-safe ink in it.
Uh, "AZCouture," my understanding is that "newbe86" is, at least for the moment, no more a professional cake decorator than I am: I'm a programmer who bakes and decorates a few cakes a year for friends and family (the closest I've gotten to being professional with baked goods was accepting reimbursement, and in one case an unsolicited tip, for the fruits of the wood type cookie project), and "newbe86" "actually work[s] for a court" (and presumably makes a decent living...
Playing at being above the law is an expensive game. Unless you're a multi-national corporation that has either the money to hire armies of lawyers, or the power to bring national governments to their knees, you can't afford it.
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