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Well, let's face it: unless you're tooled up for a complete refurbish-job on the printer, about the only way decontaminate it and make it food-safe again would be with a high-pressure steam hose of the sort that would also turn the printer into a paperweight. Or tear it to pieces. Or both.   Presumably, the manufacturer is equipped to do QA testing without contaminating the machine, but that doesn't mean that an average user is equipped to do production non-edible...
I've been on the other end of that transaction, and I've observed a couple of issues, both of which boil down to this:   Keep the equipment clean, and in good working order. If customers come in and either (a) they hand you a thumb drive only to find out that your system's been incapable of mounting thumb drives and memory cards for two months, and isn't fixed yet, or (b) they have you print out a picture, and it comes out with streaks of red ink running through it, and...
Hmm. Now if the dress were yellow, instead of blue, and she had birds in her hands, and there were also figures of "old men playing checkers by the trees" (and perhaps also a "striped pair of pants") then the girl in blue would be perfect for a "MacArthur Park" cake: just add a green drizzle-glaze to the cake ("MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark, all the sweet green icing's flowing down").
I dunno. It looks to me like it met the stated specifications. If that's your worst, well, it's better than some people's best.
Hmm. The first topsy-turvy from "luckylibra" looks fine to me: any bulges and so forth just add to the crooked appearance. And I see nothing wrong with the Eiffel Tower cake or the bowling cake. Neither do I see anything wrong with the cakes from "taartenmaker"
I will say, though, that until I read that it was supposed to be a lipstick, I thought it was a giant Amoxicillin capsule.
Hmm. For table use, I prefer a 50/50 mix of Fancy and A-Medium. But I've heard of people who actually prefer Vermont C -- the stuff that few have heard of, that normally goes into stuff like livestock feed and maple-flavored tobacco, because the flavor (I'm told) has some notes that most people find unpleasant. (I've only even heard of grade-C while visiting Morse Farm, just outside of Montpelier, and I've never seen, smelled, or tasted it.)
Answer: Because I don't have a hotel room on-site, for those who insist on while-you-wait service. And as to brown, well, there's also molasses, dark corn syrup, caramel, grade B maple, various spices, and so forth.
I just realized that we've kept this thread rolling since December, and we're closing in on the 2000th post.   And "smittyditty," purely out of morbid curiosity, where had you just "read another posters HILARIOUS comments on this same question"?
No, not exclusively Southern; rather, it's a family/informal/short-of-time thing.
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