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Butter is coconut-free. So is lard.   Seriously, though, I wouldn't mind knowing this myself, although "coconut-free" doesn't necessarily equate to "healthier than coconut grease" or "rainforest-destruction-free."   I've always done all my BC all-butter. My cookies are always half-butter, half-margarine. My turkey dressing is always half-unsalted-butter, half-salted-margarine, while my...
That depends on the copyright owner.   Disney, for example, is very strict about licensing. Partly because they are very well aware of how much their individual character designs are worth, and partly because they are very well aware of how much their CORPORATE IMAGE is worth. You might see pictures of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse doing things that aren't polite to discuss on a family board, but you're NOT going to see such pictures in public view for very long: even...
Actually, no, I'm one of the nuts.
I think you'll find that I may frequently be blunt, but I'm rarely intentionally insulting (and when I am, it's fairly obvious; e.g., I've been known to send irate letters by Registered Mail, to make sure they don't get ignored.)
Without patience, all you've got is however much -- or little -- raw talent you've got. In its raw state. Patience is what gets you through the practice needed both to learn skills and to develop your talent. And in my case, it's not just my own patience, it's the patience of those around me: those paid to teach me, and those who simply have to put up with me. A far more clever wag than I once remarked that the two things a new physician needs the most are (1) patience...
Incidentally, regarding "emarcomd's list," church organists get similar bovine scat all the time. Most of them make a substantial portion of their (typically middle-class) incomes from wedding fees, funeral fees, bar-mitzvah fees (if they also have a synagogue gig), and so forth, and people are constantly trying to weasel out of those fees, by various tactics.
I speak from personal experience. People who will completely ignore any other form of communication (or at least, any other form of communication short of assault and battery) will sit up and take notice if they receive a polite, but vitriolic, Registered letter. And even straight-vanilla Certified will take away their plausible deniability about having received it.
Patience is a prerequisite for "hours and hours of practicing" at anything, whether it's cake decorating, or playing a musical instrument, or setting type.   And hours of practice are, in the absence of an extraordinary amount of talent, a prerequisite for developing skills.   The more patience you have, the less talent you need. And vice versa.
Why stop at Certified Mail? If Certified Mail is an axe-handle, Registered Mail is an 8' 2x4.   And Return Receipt Requested is a few rusty nails.
I'm curious about that, too. Not a lot of words that leave scratching its virtual head.
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