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If the cake is big enough, I think a church with a pond beside it would be awesome!
First thought was round cake with camouflage around the side edges and top of cake blue, like water, edge with rocks and have a fish coming up out of the water. Lots of ways you could incorporate the two themes.
I now have 1232 photos in my favorites because I now have multiple duplicates of each picture that was there before! Help!!! I want these gone. It takes forever to find a saved photo.
Welcome! I am a newbie decorator and had never done any type of decorating until I took the Wilton courses at a JoAnn's in April of this year. Caution: this is a highly addictive hobby!!! You will learn the basics with Wilton but there is a wealth of information on here as well as you tube that will take you to the next level with decorating. I don't find many of the Wilton tools to be quality items and you are required to purchase the kits as part of the course material....
I want to do a birdcage cake using 10 inch rounds. I would like to stack 3, possibly 4 using the SPS between each two layers. I would then like to carve a top cake for the dome. Is this too much weight for one cake? I would use a cake plate or board between the dome and the top two layers. SPS if necessary. Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated as I always tend to want to make cake defy the odds! Will be traveling about 30 minutes away with cake.
Best advice I got on that issue was here on CC. Crush your Rice Krispies with a rolling pin before adding to the marshmallows. Makes a much smoother surface when you mold. Love them for modeling!
Here's one that is very close!,15637.html They are called pop tops.
Ugh! This was blocked but it is sugar craft .com . All one word of course, and the rest of it added to that.
These are not exact but close. http://********************/catalog/holiday/hal-thanks/hall-novelties.htm
I would definitely use dummy cakes unless that is prohibited.
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