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Thank you shanter! I have the worst time with this site and the changes. I can't get anything to post and I can't comment on anyone's photos when I am on my Ipad. Finally home on my desktop now. Hope all of you that are thinking about purchasing these molds love them as much as I do!
I am on my iPad right now and can't get this site to import my pic. It is in my gallery and it is the baseball themed wedding cake. I used the mold on the top tier and it is the drop string mold.
I got mine last week and LOVE them. Just follow the directions on the video and you will have no problem .i used the string drop ribbon one on my last cake ( it's the baseball wedding themed cake)and it was so simple. I don't do math and with these you don't have to! Wish I had stock in them! I will eventually get them all.
Ordered 5 different ones and expressed them. Can't wait to try them. Dominic is going to be one rich man!
Heartsnsync I love, love, love that cake. Beautiful job.
Is confectioner's glaze edible? I know this is a little off from the original question but I have a bottle and have been afraid to use it because it has such a strong chemical odor. It says food grade and I know that doesn't always mean edible!
I ALWAYS use Bakery Craft and absolutely love it.
Tried to upload a picture and couldn't . Using my Ipad and CC isn't too user friendly with that. I will try the lollipop sticks for sure! Thanks to all responders. Usually use RKT with fondant covering but was so taken with the workability of the modeling chocolate I decided to make him all chocolate. I'll know better next time! Hopefully will have a completed project to post on Sunday. The Lion is the Old Dominion University mascot that is the statue in the quad at the...
This is my first time sculpting a figure with modeling chocolate. I am putting a standing lion on a 6" cake board as a topper. I am struggling with the weight of the figure collapsing the legs! Will it ever get hard enough to support itself? I have it in the refrigerator now trying to harden it to give it another try at standing. Any suggestions, tips or hints would be greatly appreciated! I am using Fondarific sculpting chocolate and it says it is for sculpting.
I use all buttercream on my cakes and fondant decorations. My buttercream is a crusting recipe and I have no problem with melting issues. Sometimes I let my fondant crust before attaching decorations and sometimes not. If it has crusted I will use a little piping gel to attach and if its not a heavy piece just a little sugar glue or even a dab of my buttercream on it will make it stick just fine.
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