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If I'm not mistaken that is the Myan pyramid at Chichen Itza. Maybe some Myan symbols or relics could add some "flavor" to the cake board.
That is gorgeous! Love the contrast of the black, white and red and the way you used it. Great job with the molds.
I use a weeding tool but a hat pin, Dresden tool or anything with a slight point works. Just be cautious to not puncture your mold.
When I want a vibrant color I definitely use the electric Americolors. I still use the no taste Wilton red when I need a very saturated red color. I use buttercream on all of my cakes so that is what I a coloring. Also, I color my icing the night before to allow time for it to bloom. It does darken considerably more. Hope this helps.
Marvelous Molds has an awesome chevron onlay. They are the bomb awesome!
Worth every penny no matter what level you can afford! Attend all that you can. Can't wait to get there. There are vendors that do not take credit cards. I did find they would take a check though. Wouldn't miss it! I've only. Been decorating for a little over a year and the knowledge under one roof at ICES is priceless.
Indydebie's crusting buttercream recipe here on cake central. Very heat proof and delicious!
I'm no match for this cake artist but I did have a customer give me the same pic for a bridal shower cake. This is what I did. She wanted hydrangea instead of the roses and the shower colors were navy and burlap. I used buttercream on the cake and tinted it to match the wood slats and then made the wood slats from fondant. I used an impression mat for the...
Thank you shanter! I have the worst time with this site and the changes. I can't get anything to post and I can't comment on anyone's photos when I am on my Ipad. Finally home on my desktop now. Hope all of you that are thinking about purchasing these molds love them as much as I do!
I am on my iPad right now and can't get this site to import my pic. It is in my gallery and it is the baseball themed wedding cake. I used the mold on the top tier and it is the drop string mold.
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