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AnnieCahill, I am relatively new to cake decorating (less than 2 years) and when I first started I was using Crisco and butter combo. I was having trouble with hairline cracks, blowouts on the sides, and trouble getting sharp edges. I read and read trying to find out what I was doing wrong. I tried indydeb's recipe, Sharon Zambito's and a few others. Still the same problem. Common denominator was the Crisco. I took the plunge and bought hi ratio shortening. Voila! That...
I was wondering if anyone has ever tried using half Crisco and half high ratio shortening for crusting buttercream? If so, what were your results? My recipe is one stick of butter, to 1 1/2 cups shortening. I tried mixing high ratio and Crisco on the last batch and was very pleased with the results. Sure helps to cut a little on the cost to not use all high rario! Thoughts?
I saw a cake on a site, don't remember where, and they had actually taken a sweater and made a mold of the stitch pattern with something like Sculpty and then just used it for the fondant. It looked brilliant!
I had this exact situation about a year ago. The girl booking the shower cake was black so I made a beautiful milk chocolate baby mold character. It hit me like a ton of bricks a few days before that I might be assuming too much with this so I frantically called the hostess of the shower and sure enough the father was black and the mother was white. I remelted the figure and added half white chocolate and it was perfect! Always ask!
I would definitely use RKT! There are bound to be some kids at the wedding that would find that a thrill to eat.
My most popular and asked for cake is the WASC. I make it with the smaller box mixes and have no problem. I have tried adding the 1/3 extra cup of cake mix and see no difference so gave up going to the extra trouble.
My best guess would be a five petal cutter, slightly ruffled on the edges, bunched together in the center and attached. I just did a similar cake by cutting 1 1/2 inch circles and folding them for a ruffled effect but has a little different look than this.
What Leah_s said! Order SPS immediately! Viva paper towels work great on a crusting buttercream. I use indydeb's recipe found on here from time to time. Will smooth perfectly. Round is much easier to decorate than square. Good luck!
Don't miss it for anything! Cake decorator's Heaven.
The iPhone version works fine on iPad.
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