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I clicked on this question to tell you to go to The are the best cutters ever! I see Ximenilla beat me to it!
Not sure what you are using it for but I have seen cakes at shows where caulking was used.
You can paint on a thin layer of piping gel where you want the snow to be and sprinkle with sanding sugar.
I would use the Wilton soccer ball pan for both. Maybe trim the head one down a little bit although they look to be about the same size.
It worked!
If you look in my gallery I have done a fish doing this 3 different times. I make them out of RKT cover them in 50/50 and use skewers to attach them into the cake. Never had a problem and they always overhang my cake board and do not touch it. I would post a pic but have not been able to figure out how on mobile device since they changed the site.
Best purchase I ever made! Only cut my self the first time I used it. Fast learner, I got my fingers out of the way the next time.
I had the same problems with my icing until I switched to hi ratio shortening. Huge difference!
AnnieCahill, I am relatively new to cake decorating (less than 2 years) and when I first started I was using Crisco and butter combo. I was having trouble with hairline cracks, blowouts on the sides, and trouble getting sharp edges. I read and read trying to find out what I was doing wrong. I tried indydeb's recipe, Sharon Zambito's and a few others. Still the same problem. Common denominator was the Crisco. I took the plunge and bought hi ratio shortening. Voila! That...
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