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I was searching for the same thing because I wanted them facing as well. I gave up and I ended up purchasing an ornament and making my own mold! Worked perfectly.
Perhaps a gift card to her favorite cake supply store. Even if it is an online store they most likely offer the option of a gift certificate. Is this what you are looking for?
I have only ever used Sugarveil. Sorry, I can't advise.
The only way you could make this work with buttercream would be to draw on white edible image icing sheets with edible markers and cut them to fit your cake,and wrap your cake with them and cut one in a circle for the top.
I would never stack or transport a cake without SPS. I am a newbie to decorating and that takes a big stress factor away. You can purchase at Global Sugar Art. Very quick with shipping and delivery.
Pretty sure it is rice paper but beyond that no clue! Absolutely time consuming by the looks of it.
OP says you mix a powder with hot water. Indydeb's doesn't do that.
I have done several fish cakes and I always take a small paint brush and paint the eyeball with piping gel. Works great but works best if done at the last possible minute so it retains the wet look. Once it dries it is not so shiny like a fish eye should be.
Was it Sugarshack's recipe and it was powdered coffee creamer?
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