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So did you have to cook them any longer??
I was wondering if anyone has every mixed some filling from a sleeve into there cake??  I make a doctored white cake and was wondering if I could mix in some strawberry filling and if show how much??  I use the wasc recipe and wonder if I put in a 1 cup will it change the texture.   I have used it in buttercream and it is awesome but never tried it in a actual cake.
Just wondering if this makes good cupcakes??  Right now I use the WASC recipe but would like to start baking from scratch.
I don't have that much freezer room because I have other items in there for graduation.  I was hoping that someone has made them 2 days in advance and they didn't have any problem.
Has anyone tried the Dixie chocolate frosting??  I don't have a great chocolate frosting recipe and was wondering if their was any good.  Also wondering if white frosting is good.  I need a hot pink for some cupcakes.
We are having my son's graduation party Friday night and I want to make the cupcakes tomorrow because I won't have time Thursday or Friday.  Do you think it would be ok to make then and leave them on the counter??  Or would it be better to put in the frig??  I usually make my cupcakes the day before or day of so a not sure what to do.  I use buttercream and a box mixture.  Thanks!
I usually use Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker for my WASC but Pillsbury is on sale for only .88.  Just wondering if anyone uses that brand and it turns out ok.
They are awesome!  Can I ask what food coloring you use??  The colors are so bright and gorgeous.
Would you mind sharing your recipe??  I am looking for a good carrot cake...
Do you really let the egg whites sit out overnight??  If you buy them in a carton do you have to do that??
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