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 Poor grammar and spelling definitely bother me too, but mistakes do happen to the best of us.  Anyone see the Cake Boss episode where they made a huge bowling alley cake and the N was backwards in the word LANES for the name of the alley, which was front and center and large?  I kept saying, how did they miss that, and why doesn't someone point it out? 
Depending on how many people have birthdays that month you could make a cake shape with the same number of sides and give each person a side with a few decorations that match their interests/hobbies.  So for 3 people a triangle, for 4 a square, etc. Then something generic on top like a bow.   Or what about doing smaller separate cakes?  Maybe featuring their first initial so they are all cohesive yet individualized?  Or instead of their initial you could do their age...
 Awesome idea, especially for a cake.  I've got a couple birthday cakes to make around Thanksgiving time, I'm definitely doing this for one of them. Thanks for sharing!
Wow that actually sounds really good -- I might need to try it.
Great, thanks.  Can't wait to try it.  The cranberries sound good to me!
    How many pecans do you add to the batter?  Or were you only referring to pressing them on the icing?
 Yep, I'd be interested too.  I'm hoping to get started with gum paste flowers and this info is great. Keep it comin'!
The cake looks great!  Good job
Hey that's a good thought.  Thanks for the tip!
OK I tried whipping it, while at room temp and from a peanut butter consistency, but it didn't work.  It only got very slightly lighter in color and maybe a little looser (probably from the mixer heating it up) but definitely not fluffy.  Next time I'll try with only the coconut cream as I think using the coconut milk is a problem.    The good news is I didn't ruin it by attempting to whip it, it's still smooth and delicious. It only has a slight coconut taste, not...
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