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Oh my goodness is all I can say, lol.
Okay, I get it now. 2 WASC's recipes with millions of flavor possibilities, evolves into 2 scratch WASC'srecipes with millions of flavor possibilities. Whew! After reading 12 threads,slowly backs away.............   Good luck with your cakes sweetobsesions!
FrostedMoon I had never heard of WASC until joining this site. After reading different threads I'm now confused. Are there two WASC recipes and some that are from scratch or just different versions by different members? 
kakeladi offline 10,006 Posts. Joined 5/2004 Location: central CA jennalee asked.........Do I need to adjust anything to make this cake now that the cake mixes are smaller?..........   I have made about a dozen (maybe less) since the new smaller sizes.  At 1st I added more mix from another box to make up for the reduced amount but over time I started just using the smaller sized box w/o changing anything and still get good...
I'm with you FrostedMoon, I would take the word "Rogue" and run with it! I think it's original and stands out, sort sets it apart from the usual names for bakeries.   Hth
Haa haa, good one 
Thanks MKC, I don't think anyone will mind about it being a video. He's a very talented cake designer, he is also a member of CC!
How about "Gone Rogue Bake House" specializing in baking against the rules, lol Go ahead, be a rebel!  
Hey I found it. It calls for the juice and zest of two lemons. I can pm the recipe to you if you would like.
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