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I came across this picture and want to try to make some myself. Does anyone know what ingredients are needed to make a pop like this? Is it just luster dust?
Yes, that is what I had bookmarked. Its a dead link.
I bookmarked a recipe for actual metallic icing. It was posted by Ro Zinniger on her blog. The link on her blog is now dead *sob* I know I should have actually printed it out but I didn't and now I'm here begging that someone else has this recipe. I remember that piping gel was one of the ingredients to help you determine if you have the recipe I'm looking for. A thousand thank yous in advance if you can help me out.
I have made a batch of molded chocolates with Make n Mold & Wilton wafers. When I pop them out of the molds they have the perfect shine to them. As I carefully pick them up to clean up the edges they dull. I already wear cotton gloves while holding them so I know that isn't the answer. Does anyone have any tricks to bring the shine back?   Thanks!!
I haven't used gum paste before and I want to get some opinions from some other users. I'm trying to find/make an edible pencil. I want something that I can use to sketch designs on cookies that I can later go over with icing. So the question is, would gum paste be a good option to fabricate a pencil? Is it hard enough to not break the moment a little pressure is applied? Is it chalky enough to leave a sketch? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! PS I have already...
I have a client that wants a cake topper like the one below on a cake order I have. I was thinking of making it out of sugar and painting on the monogram. Can anyone tell me if this is even feasible? I wonder about air bubbles and clarity of the sugar. I was planning on using an aluminum foil and a cookie cutter to shape the topper. Would I be able to remove it from the cutter?   Any advice would be greatly helpful!   Thanks
I just received a whole bunch of old cookie cutters and as I was going through them I came across this one. I have turned it every which way and just can't figure out what it is. Any ideas??  
I know it is after Halloween but here is a quick dry recipe that you might want to save in case you are in a jam again. I have used it many many times and I love it! It really does dry in a few hours.   SugarDeaux Fast Fry, Quick Royal Icing   SugarDeaux, wherever you are thanks for sharing this recipe. It has become my all time favorite!  
I just tried Sweet Sugarbelle's rolled sugar cookie recipe. It tastes wonderful and was easy to work with... at first. My first two sheets went into the oven and came out with the tops being all wrinkled. That's not something I've seen before. As I was rolling the last batch the dough started cracking while I was rolling. I have a feeling that the cracking was the result of the extra flour working it's way into the mix, but can someone please verify this thought.Thanks!
I just bought a bunch of cutters from them. No, the prices are not cheap. If you look at some of the pics on the site they say Which when you type that into your web browser it jumps to cheap.... maybe they are trying to transition since the prices don't live up to the site name.
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