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I am trying to make a neon purple color of candy melts. Wilton came out with a bright pink but no bright purple yet. I know I can use flo-coat and food coloring but it messes with the consistency of the coating for my cake pops. Does anyone know what that special "ingredient" is that makes a color into a neon color?
I'm trying to make a grass green buttercream for a baseball diamond cake. I have put in what feels like a lot of americolor forest & leaf green but it is still too light. I see that the color is grainy like red icing before it sits for a while. I was wondering if anyone knew if I should just let it sit for a while and it will deepen on it's own or if I should continue adding coloring.   Thanks!
I have a huge order of cookies that I need to deliver this week. I'm having trouble with finding something to put between the layers that is greaseproof. After I covered them in fondant I layered them between sheets of dry waxed paper. By the morning some of the cookie oils had bled into the layer below. I don't have room to leave every cookie out until time for delivery. I need to start boxing them up but I need help with figuring out what to use. Any advice would be...
I am making cake pop bouquets as centerpieces for a wedding. The vases the bride wants to use are taller than we originally discussed. I need opinions on what I can use for filler. Since I'm going to need a lot of filler I want it to be cheap. All the vases have been spray painted so I don't need to worry about the filler being pretty. Since there is food involved I don't want to use sand. I was thinking rice might be the cheapest option but I'm open to other ideas. Thanks.
Donnawb, thanks for the info. I would have never thought about the oils in the cake. I will keep this in mind for my next batch.
For the most part, I don't have to bag my pops. they are normally in a display arrangement and the whole thing gets wrapped in cellophane right before delivery. I'm wondering if therealmrsriley is on the right track. I remember having one heck of a time getting the brown candy melts to the correct dipping consistency. I had to use more paramount crystals than normal. I think I will have to do an experiment to find out if that is the problem. Thank you guys for helping me...
Here is a pic. I have notes and arrows to show what I'm talking about.
I'm sorry if I was not clear. I follow all the normal steps in making a pop, (bake cake, crumble, mix, roll, chill, dip). I have no problems during this process or with the pops after they are done. It just seems like the paper sticks draw out the butter fats and I think it makes them look a little off putting.   
Thanks for the help. I'm going to try the luster dust method that was on you tube. I'll post a pic with the results after I'm done  
I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, so forgive me if it is not.   When I make cake pops I use real butter cream frosting in the mix. When I make cake pops the night before they are needed, they look great and I go to bed. The next morning they are still on their sticks and look just like they did the night before. My problem is the paper sticks. I see that the paper sticks have soaked up some of the fats from the butter cream and have a greasy...
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