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I'll probably do a barrel cake for the 10 inch (In the picture it looks like one). That will give me 90 servings, and I can always make the grooms cake a little larger.
Thanks! I thought the top and bottom tiers looked wider. I totally forgot to tell you the 12 inch will be a dummy. I guess I should've had that second cup of coffee before jumping on here. I know this sounds dumb, but would you use any type of support system in the bottom tier? This will be my first time using a faux tier.
Would you use any support system in a faux tier? I'm making a 6,8,10,12 (12 being dummy).
She needs around 120, but she wants the tiers to look like the pic. She's not worried about having to many servings, since she'll have company in town (she said they are sweet heads). There will be a small grooms cake that will feed around 20-30.
Oh my,
The bride sent me this wedding cake pic. I'm not sure if it is 2 inch differences (6,8,10,12) or 3 inch.
Thank you for your help!!!  I'm really excited for this cake.
I'm doing my first buttercream wedding cake in December. I've worked with flowers on fondant cakes and they work well. I'm really concerned about the flowers on the front falling off, or tearing the cake. I use SMBC on my cakes if this helps. Her is a sample pic the bride sent me.
Thank you everyone! I just purchased my bubble straws and I'm working on the foam core search. I think I'll hang up the wooden dowels and try the straws.
Maybenot said she uses 3/16th core boards. Do you use the same size? I've been looking online and the smallest Global Sugar Art sales is 1/2 inch. That seems pretty big.
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