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I'm normally a cake decorator, so I'm not really experienced with sugar cookies. My friend would like these cookies for gift bags at her daughters destination wedding. Is there a way to attach the sugar crystals that look like sand without icing/flooding that part of the cookie? She needs 80 and I would like to minimize the labor for her. Thanks for any help!
I personally like CK
Here is the recipe I used for the picture frame. It was really easy to make and work with. Good luck:-)            
Nice work!!!
I can't believe I forgot to post my finished picture frame. I've found pastillage is really durable!  
Thanks! You've helped me quite a few times in the past few months. I hope to one day achieve your quality of work. You rock!:)
Unfortunately those are not my cakes. I'm getting ready to make a messy wedding cake, and was unsure if SMBC would work. Those are sample photos for those who didn't understand what I meant by messy. I have done it with ganache before, and it has turned out great. Joshua John Russell has a free modern buttercream class at He shows different techniques which I've used with this ganache...
I'll definitely make sure to do that. I've never done the messy look with buttercream only ganache. I would rather use SMBC, because it's not too sweet and just plain yummy. How off white did your cake look in the photos? Her dress isn't white and she wants the cake to match. The pictures I posted look more like ABC. Most of my cakes are covered in fondant.
Has anyone had luck using SMBC on "messy" iced cakes? I'm doing a wedding soon, but I can't decide which icing to use on the outside. I've always used SMBC except on children's cakes when parents have chosen that option. Here are a few examples of messy iced cakes.    
Thanks! I'll head out and get the sps system today.
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