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Seriously, you didn't ruin her day. She will be disappointed but all is not lost. You did the best given the situation. Had the groom not showed, her day would be ruined. Getting a 3 tier instead of a 4 tier isn't nearly as devastating. Hope she keeps it in perspective & behaves graciously in front of the guests.
Me too. I like the lower left.
My cakes are almost 4 1/4" sobinget the 4 1/2" & trim just to be safe. I also have some 5" just in case. Easier to cut off than to try to add.
Magnus, you my jot have noticed, but Jen posted this back in May of 2011. Since then, a cottage Food Law passed. I think it's highly likely she operates under the new law or has since found a rental kitchen. Thank you for your willingness to help. Are you Edgewater kitchens & green building in West Ashley?
I'm confused. Is the cake of drunk Barbie or at you Barbie & happen to be drunk? The most common 2 tier is a 6" & 10". I also offer a 6" & 8". I'm not sure what you mean about spreading marscapone. Do you mean torting & filling? My tiers are 2 2" cakes which are torted & filled. The end up being 4" tall. I'm also confused about your dowels. You mentioned 12" dowels. You will need support between the tiers even if you use a long center dowel that goes between...
I'm sorry, are you asking about the whole cake or a button tier? Which one is the button tier? The top tier?
OMG!! ICING IMAGES!!!! You saved my printer!   I did just what you said.  I was skeptical...I had already cleaned it out.  I cleaned it some more, and more, and more.  Then, I it for a few hours.  I kept thinking the water was going to kill it (my son dropped my phone in water this week so all I can think about is water damage).   It worked!!  My printer is working like new.   Thank you, Thank you so much.
The caterer almost always cuts the cake in my area of the world.If they prefer I cut (& I'm available), I charge a per slice fee of $2. Regardless of reception style, the cake is usually taken to the back for cutting. It is then either served for seated, passed on trays, or set on a special table.
That big are the characters? How detailed/realistic?
This is a difficult question to answer. Consults are one o my favorite parts, & I consider it an artform. Over many years, I have devised techniques and questions to help me determine how to design a cake for a bride as well as make her feel comfortable. The basics of course are the fundamentals regarding the cake: where (if you know the venue ask specifically where in the room), when does it start, how many people, what type of reception (sit down/buffet), are they...
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