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I use Americolor luster airbrush colors gold & silver. Then, I don't have to mix.
Love my fat daddio
I would cut te flames and wrap them around a cake pan or dummy. They will dry a bit but should be fine. Once the color dries (long before the fondant) transfer them to the cake. They will have the right curve to them from being on a pan/dummy
Thank you not only for realizing what it is really worth but for coming here and speaking the truth!! Woohoo another convert!
Wow. I've been watching this one and all I can say is wow. Farmer John, regardless of your intentions, that one post really was a bit condescending. Must always use caution when using words with negative connotations. Sure the definition seems innocent, but you know the emotion that word can elicit. I'll also go a step further and say that if someone had used similar language toward a new member regarding some controversial topics, they'd be called mean. I'm sure...
My avatar is a photo of rice paper leaves and fondant vines on buttercream. I used buttercream to attach the leaves.
  That's what Cake Central is all about:  people helping people!   Thank you so much for the compliments!  I will quote my husband's favorite movie The Edge where Charles says:  "What one man can do, another can do."  It just takes patience, lots and lots of practice, and a bit of skill. I personally do not ganache under fondant, but I have heard great things about it.  Some members swear by it. Most people, who box the cake in the fridge, leave it in the fridge for a bit...
I wrap my baked cakes in cling wrap. The next morning, I unwrap them and crumb coat with buttercream.   In most cases, it is a good idea to place your cake in a box so the condensation doesn't form on the fondant.  Otherwise, the fondant will sweat.  It does dry if that happens.
I've never heard that about covering in fondant the day of the event.  Wow.  That would really make my life difficult.   I typically like to have every cake finished the night before the event...just in case.  That way if something is wrong with my timeline or goes horribly wrong I have a buffer of time to fix it.   This is a link to lobster I made:!Lobster/zoom/c11wr/imagei2t     The plate is made of gumpaste and was made 4...
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