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Oh yes! Buttercream is nice & easy. There's not as much settling and such
In that case, bake tonight, wrap with saran wrap, & chill overnight.  Fill tomorrow early morning.  Late tomorrow night, final coat & set overnight.  Friday morning, cover with fondant, stack, & decorate.   Do you have any kind of cardboard box at all?  It doesn't have to be a fancy cake box.  Honestly, you don't even need a box if you the decorations aren't crazy colors that might bleed.  I've used moving boxes & cut the side with an exacto knife.
That's my method.  There are plenty of other members who start much later in the week.  I like to fridge overnight between each step so the cake settles.   You can certainly start today.  I would bake today, wrap and chill overnight.  Tomorrow, fill and crumb coat.  Depending on the design either also final coat late tomorrow or the next day.  Some of my designs take a full day of decorating.  I also really like to have the cake finished the day before it's due....
You are most welcome!   Please don't hesitate to ask if you need anything else.
I would have started Monday or Tuesday.  Monday if it's a busy week.  Tuesday if it was the only cake.   Yes.  Some people will recommend putting the cake in a box to prevent condensation.  I find the condensation evaporates quickly.  Sometimes I box, sometimes I don't.  If it is a dark color that may run, I box.   Welcome to the forum.
  Welcome Caroline!   Just like every forum, there are a few guidelines or ways of doing something.  Other than "please, please don't ask me how much to charge for your cake," there aren't any real specifics.  When I joined, I kind of read through threads to get an idea of how it all works.  Mimi gave you excellent advice.   My only other advice is to not take anything too personally.  People sometimes forget that there are exceptions to every generality.  I'm just going...
This is one I did:!Crown-Royal/zoom/c11wr/image1bxr You can also see it in my gallery. I rolled ropes or strings then lay them in place. When I covered with fondant, I made sure to pinch around the ropes & keep the definition.
Oh but they sure take the bad advice of how to lower the cost! You know like dummy tiers or cupcakes.
No. You fill & frost your cake as usual. Once finished, insert the plate & columns. Put next tier on top of that plastic plate. The very top tier needs no plate or column.
You are most welcome
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