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I personally like global sugar art. You can also purchase from Amazon, fondant source, & many many others.
Those stores purchase special images specifically produced for their use. Thy also purchase DecoPac decorations & are restricted to use within design guidelines.
Fondant is good for at lest a year
  I'll admit that I read a lot of threads.  I had completely forgotten this was for your nephew.  I'm sure others did as well.   SMcKinney really did mean to be helpful.  She also gave you some very useful advice.   Oh wait.....I see you wrote you aren't going to stop with any upcoming orders.  Orders = business.  In that case, SMcKinney's advice was even more valid.   The internet is a wonderful thing.  You can pick & choose the advice you want to hear/use.  I don't...
What fondant are you using? Some tear more easily than others. This can also happen from over kneading &/or too much color. I use a stainless steel table (purposefully got the wider one). I use the silly ole wilton pin w the rings to roll. I tried the expensive one from sweet wise, but the static is awful! If its a large cake, I switch to a PVC pipe cut to 32".
That's not hijacking, that's informative.
What kind of image?
Hate it. Leaves little tiny pockets like using the viva paper towel method or MMF. I've found it works better with Fondx, elite, Pettinice. Fondarific makes using the mat difficult.
Icing images also offers downloads.
Thank you!
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