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Lucks are very delicate. I would not use corn syrup. I'm sure they were being cautious. I've used water on the back of Lucks brand.
    Ha ha ha ha I just fell out laughing!
I just want to thank you. Honestly. I appreciate you taking such care & concern in offering very useful advice.
I use premium sheets from icing images. I always use water on the back of the image.
Lots of love. I'm a buttercream girl so I can't help with this type of ganache.
I hear what you are saying. I know you weren't directing hue comment to me. I want to make it very clear that my concern honestly is not competition or losing business. There is plenty of need on Charleston. My concern is the dissapoinnt of these poor clients. I do not mean this thread. Still, in the past week, I have seen a least 3 cake Wrecks which were made for paying customers. It happens often. I bit my tongue & backed out of the thread without saying how...
What would/did you charge? What size is it? Is it buttercream or fondant? Do you have permission from nickelodeon to use their copyrighted characters or is the customer placing toys?
I personally like global sugar art. You can also purchase from Amazon, fondant source, & many many others.
Those stores purchase special images specifically produced for their use. Thy also purchase DecoPac decorations & are restricted to use within design guidelines.
Fondant is good for at lest a year
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