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Wow. Knowing this is your first & the lack of good tools, that is really an awesome job. Seriously.
I personally think fondarific is the easiest for covering cakes. It's very flexible & doesn't tear easily. It's Very forgiving.
Ok, Ok.  I just want to step in for a wee moment.   Honestly, had you been a newbie, everyone here would have told you how cute this cake is.  They would have showered you with compliments on one of your first cakes and encouraged you with some of the same constructive criticism.     Because you stated you had been in business for over a year, the criticism came in a different form.  People expect more from someone in business than a hobbyist.     I'm sure it...
I would have charged almost $400 for that style of cake. That one is leaning. Did you use supports?
Shortening in the blade & soften the jagged edges.
Based solely on what you wrote, I would be worried and concerned.  But who knows.  Maybe you have great talent.   Do you have some photos of previous work?   Have you ever done a square cake?  They are really very difficult.  If you have no practice with squares, I really encourage you to at least modify the design to a round version.   Please do a practice cake.  At least one.  This will give you an idea of any adjustments you may need to make in time or...
When I price this cake, I ask: How many servings x $ Fondant? ($1.50 x servings) How many flowers x "Y each" That total + 9.5% sales tax Delivery location? Stand rental?
Why would they pay for a class when so many offer free, specially tailored help? I think it makes a lot of sense.
Love my 3" pans. I only bake 2" cakes but I like the extra pan. I also prefer the removable bottom pans. I do not have the odd sizes (on way wish list). AZ Coutour uses them a great deal. Her cakes are gorgeous.
I will never forget a precious bride who was low on funds. To her, the most important part of the wedding was the cake (love those). She came in every payday to pay off a bit more. I loved her. Yes! Paymen plan but balance still due by your guidelines
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