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@LKing12 I never took the time to figure out how to so the gumpaste. I should. Instead, I use the edible electronic cutter sheets from @icingimages. It makes everything Very easy. They even have some awesome glitter sheets. Pearl is the best! The silver is almost black and so is the dark gold. The yellow gold is Very gold. Get the pearl and you can print on them with an edible printer.
I recommend spending the money on a Silhoutte. It doesn't require cartridges.
That depends. If you like MMF, you'll like Fondex & Pettinice. They share similar qualities. I personally prefer Fondarific. It smooths very easily and doesn't get elephant skin. However, the same things I love about it are what others dislike. It is very soft so not good for anything you want to harden. When cutting decorative pieces, you'll want to let them set before moving them or they will stretch. There are so many! The hard part is finding the one best for...
I tried to edit or delete my post, but I do not have permission.   My quotes are of Enga not K8.   My sincerest apology to @K8 
  Seriously.   Now this is a bit of a harsh way of saying something we have all been feeling the last couple of weeks.  I'm sure it is harsh because we are so sick of beating around the bush and just want to cut through all the muck of it. This may not be your intent.  Maybe you don't even recognize how it looks to us.  Once again, perception is reality.  THIS is how we perceive a great deal of what you post.  Once again, I think you offer some sage advice that perhaps you...
  Every Single Time I have cautioned someone that they may have taken on a challenge beyond the skill level, I have taken great pains to do it in a kind way.  Doesn't matter.  Some people will hear harshness when none is meant.  Some people don't want to hear any caution and will find even those thick with placation as a slight an be offended. On the rare occasion that I will step into that, I do so knowing I may be perceived as a Big Mean Bully.  When I do it, I do it out...
/not ashamed.   I absolutely stand behind the statement I posted encouraging her to post photos of what she really got and warning others that most artists would charge more than $340.   Everything that others here have posted (photos of the real cake v. promised, link to the blog, etc.) was public.  If you don't want something to go viral (or to be shared in a small community), then don't post it in a VERY public arena.
Despite her rude and vulgar email to me, I feel bad for her. She thought she was getting a great deal and instead he got a wreck. That makes me sad. For anyone who may be confused, we are talking about the bride from the Original post of this thread. I was not her cake artist.
I really was not meaning to rub it in. I posted what I did on the blog so others wouldn't fall prey to the same expierience.That is exactly my point!! Hundreds of people think we are price gouging and that cake should be inexpensive. The only reference most have is the grocery store. They then come along on a wedding site and have it Confirmed!!! Now all the brides who saw it think they too can have that huge, gorgeous cake for $340.
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