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My original response was a bit confusing.   Linda modified the housing unit to adjust the height.  You will need that piece in order to get the silhouette to work properly.  Once you have that, you can purchase replacement blades at any craft store.  They can be any brand "Craft" blade.
Mixer before airbrush. I love having mine when I need it, but I get far more use from the mixer. Second set of pans
EVERYTHING in writing. EVERYTHING. Be sure to trade value for value. Are you giving a discount? Only charging costs? She needs to do the same.
I'm in charleston as well. What part are you? Using high ratio shortening can really help. There are a few suppliers her in Charleston.
I have the IX6520 The place you need to clean looks like A bit of pressure won't hurt. Clean until the qtip stays clean. The first time I did it, I went through about 100! Then, turn off the power to the printer. Reset the cartridge so it's nice and straight. Turn on the power. Hope it helps.
That sometimes happens to me when the connection points have a bit of ink on them. Use a qtip dipped in rubbing alcohol to gently clean the spot where the cartridge meets (on the printer not the cartridge). I bet @icingimages can describe this better than I.
Imasri, this particular thread was from 2012. Luckily, Debbie is still with us. @icingimages. I have tagged her so she will know to come respond. The information from this thread may be outdated, and Debbie can tell us about the current products Icing Images offers.
I don't even want to think of cutting all these tiny squares by hand. This was a def edible image/silhouette cake. I use only @icingimages premium cutting sheets & gold label ink.
One more tip! When considering printers, Canon offers one that prints on the 12" x 12" cutting sheets. In case you have large items, this is the way to go!
I really like my Cameo. I bought Linda's lot. I use the premium cutter sheets. They do best on fondant. They are fine on BC, but have a tendency to peel away when in the fridge. Just put a dab of water and push back in place when the cake was. I use it with my edible printer as well. Not sure what's in my gallery.... There are several monograms cut from the sheets shown on my website. There is a 5 tier peach and white with lace. The monogram on top was cut with...
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