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It seems to me that the most popular way is to use a small clear treat bag and use a ribbon to tie it off just as the previous poster said. However, I did see an image the other day that I loved of cake pops with colored foil sheets wrapped around them or a frosted looking paper wrapped around them. Of course you can't see the cake pop that way, but I love the idea anyway.
Thanks so much you guys I'm feeling better already.
hmmmm, what aboutFresh. Gourmet. For all.ORFresh, Gourmet, For AllOR Fresh and Gourmet for All!I'll keep thinking
I agree with the LLC recommendation. It's much easier come tax season to be a sole proprietor, however you risk your personal assets being taken if you were to get sued. With an LLC you are creating a separate entity for which has nothing to do with your personal assets, therefore they cannot be touched. When you become an LLC, in regards to tax season, you just have to fill out a schedule K-1 and file it with your personal taxes. If your business makes a profit then...
Thanks for the response! Anyone else?I did go ahead and make from scratch chocolate cake batter this afternoon and put it straight to the freezer. Tomorrow I will pull out enough to bake a test cupcake and we shall see. I've frozen vanilla batter and when I baked test cupcakes from them they seemed to have extra high domes. A little too high to do a nice swirl I thought. We'll see how the chocolate ones turn out.
Hello all! So I've done a search for all 'freeze cake batter' threads and none that I find address what cake flavors are being frozen. Most make mention of a basic vanilla. I want to freeze chocolate, maybe champagne, etc. I wanted to know if others out there are freezing EVERY flavor they make or just a basic vanilla. If you're freezing other flavors too are the results just as successful as frozen vanilla batter?Thanks in advance everyone!-Emily
Bridgette! I would LOVE that! Thank you
I just tested out freezing batter due to reading this thread and others like it. I mixed up a vanilla batter and a coconut batter on Monday morning and put them each into gallon size freezer bags. This morning (tuesday) I pulled out just enough from each batter to make a mini cupcake. They had BIG domes on them and tasted just as fresh and moist. Now, I know it was only yesterday that I made this batter, but I'm happy to know that they still cooked up after being...
I can't offer any numbers here, but I'm also curious about this as well. I've created a spreadsheet for myself to figure out what one cupcake costs me in ingredients. It's a lot of math!! Once I've gathered all of my numbers I'll come back and share what I have. Of course I'm just a hobby baker, but it still costs me to make a cupcake
Does heating and re-heating not affect its performance?
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