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I was wondering if anyone could please suggest what can be used to achieve the scalloped design going around the cake tiers in these pics, if I don't have the specific cutter?....thank you!
Thank you :) I am going to assemble it right now and try it out!    And if anyone tries this hoop technique, please let us know how it worked!!
So I recently bought an Agbay (finally!) and can't wait to use it!!   However, I just came across this cool trick right now, to level cakes and was wondering if anyone tried this?   She has used sewing hoops to hold the cake in place and then a serrated knife to saw it across! Hope this helps out someone, and if someone has tried it, let us know if it works!!    
Thank you kazita!! I'll contact them to see if they'll have it back in stock! :)
Thank you so much! Yeah, I found the system called cakestackers....I think I'll use that instead of the styro, as it seems more sturdy. Thank you!
Thank you derbyfour! Appreciate your input!
Trying to figure out how this cake is constructed. Would love any help on this please! I tried searching for whimsical, topsy turvy cake tutorials but they all show up the madhatter style and not this.    I know there are styrofoam blocks used but how are they inserted to give the look? And the flowers would be inserted into the styro then right?   Also, any tips on the bark look? I was thinking painted fondant? Thank you!!!  
great points everyone!! And love Kara's ideas about helping the DIY bride make her day special, even if we don't do her actual cake!
Search for the cake calculator on google....and click the link that has shinymetalobjects as the has a great calculator for tier sizes and servings...let me know if you need any info!
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