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Yep! Bridal show season is back!! I have one coming up in 2 weeks! Trying to find time to make a couple of dummy cakes for my new designs
I think you can substitute meringue powder for the dream whip, to make it dairy free?
Anyone please? 
Also, what sizes would you recommend for 120 servings? These look like there's considerable gap in the tier sizes..
Any ideas on how to make a cake like this? It doesn't look like the usual topsy turvy with sharp slants. Is it just tapered on the sides? Any tips on how to make this and carve it? Thank you!!
Really appreciate your encouragement Kate!!
Thanks so much!!! I am starting to carve it now...nervous!
You could try Indydebi's buttercream recipe - search for that online. It is heat stable - tried and tested!! 
Thank you! So do you think adding extra cake for the arms and legs will work? Don't have time for RKT... I'd really like it to be all cake  :)   Just not sure about the large head..... :-/ Any ideas??
Hello!! We just heard about a critically ill boy in our community and all the neighbors have been scrambling to get things together to donate for his family so they have a great Christmas.   He loves Monsters Inc, and I thought making him a 3D cake like the picture below would be a great idea to cheer him up and bring a smile to his face. I need to make this tomorrow!!   Do you think this cake can be made with the 3D Wilton teddy bear pan? Any advice on how to get the...
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