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Thank you!
That's a sweet idea! How many cookies do you plan on giving each vendor? Wrapped with your card?
I saw that recently in store too! Does it give a nice gold hue?
Wow robinscakery, love it!! Where did you get the tree bark cupcake stand? And what kind of deposit etc do you suggest if you want to book brides on site? Thanks!
Thanks so much! This really helps Kara and JWinslow! I found a couple of chevron templates that I'll print and cut out. Really appreciate the help!!!
Thanks so much!! I am going to do a trial - it seems pretty simple when you read it, hopefully it turns out well. Appreciate the help!!!!
Thanks cupcakemaker! Yeah, I've seen her work, but her chevrons are more uniform and same in size. She does use a paper template to hand cut them, like Kara suggested. Yeah scrumdiddlycakes, that's what I'm concerned about. - stretching and ruining them. I haven't tried the wax paper technique before, just not sure if it'll work with lining up the chevron stripes straight on the cake... :-/
Agree! Give a base of ivory or gold then paint or dust with gold dust.
You could also try using Rich's Whip topping or Bettercreme.
Thank you Kara!! :) Or do you think cutting out individual pieces and placing them in a zig zag manner to make a chevron pattern would be easier?
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