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This is my favorite cake. My daughter's Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme cake and I really enjoy making it.    
Wow! Thank you KARichards46 I also had a person who has a business and was interested  in me just making her specialty cakes for her catering space at her restaurant. She had told me since I was just beginning I can sell the cakes for half the price of what they really cost and at the same time get more experience with the more cakes I make. I made one cake for her but I wanted to do this right. I know I need the correct papers certificates, license etc. to sell cakes so...
Thank you everyone for your advice and kind words!
Thank you BakingBlog. Yes of course I want my work to come out perfect but so true nothing is perfect. About being patient I don't know but when I'm making a cake  I do not want anyone to talk to me because I get so nervous and afraid I may mess up. I can't even eat until I am done with the cake. I know the more I make cakes I'm sure I will get be more relax and confident. For now I am just going to enjoy  making the cakes and getting more experience. My last cake I was...
Thank you! Yes I am definitely going to do more research and speak to people on how they got started so I may get more information on this.
Thank you.
Thank you so much!
Thank you!
To smckinney07   Thank you! Yes you are correct. I know there is so much more then just baking cakes and decorating. And again I am too nice  I hate charging the correct amount to family and friends. I do have volunteer to bake a cake sometimes and give as a gift and at that time I'm comfortable because I know there is no pressure. But yes it is not just so easy to just open a business. My daughter did purchase a class for me on how to start a business. But I know right...
Hello I started decorating cakes three years ago. I love decorating cakes but when I have to do it I get very nervous. My family tells me I should open a bakery and start selling my cakes but I really don't think I'm ready because I am letting my nerves take over me. How can I overcome this fear. Here are a few cakes I've made. .        
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