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Will try this method.     Thank you!
I purchased it a day before I tried to use it.
I was successful using  black Satin Ice to cover a cake but for some reason this time I just was having a hard time for smaller things.
Yes, I tried the black Satin Ice and I did knead it was to soft then I did not want to add icing because it would lighten the color up and I needed pure black.   Thank you!
I  would love to try regal ice.  Paul Bradford uses this fondant. Definitely thinking of ordering this fondant to try.   Thank you!
Thank you! Will try the Fondx.
I hate working with black fondant. I purchase  Satin ice black  fondant and had such a hard time with it. It looks stain and breaks easily. I was trying to use it on my  letter tapits and try to do a decorated boarder for the cake but it kept breaking. please help if anyone have any ideas on what's the best black fondant to use. Thank you!
Hello I order the Carma fondant and just received it. I opened it and tried to roll a little on my hand but it's really sticky. Do I have to use powder sugar or anything else to use it? I really like the taste. Thank you!
Awesome will try it. Your cake came out amazing!!!!
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