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Did you put it in the fridge, freezer? It only gets really hard for me if I put it in there, leave it at room temperature for a few hours and it should be spreadable like peanut butter.  
If you're charging too low, you're probably scaring people off. Most brides will be hesitant to go with someone who charges ridiculously low prices, in case they get a hot mess delivered on their wedding day.
*Picks up jaw from the floor*
I couldn't think of anything worse then a gun show, but I'm from the UK and we don't roll like that.  
Personally I still wouldn't mind, unless they've given you a cause for concern then I would trust them. As for the photos, I think that's pretty standard. The photographer or whoever contractually owns the copyright doesn't have to give you the images. They can if they're nice, but just because you made the cake doesn't mean you have own the picture that somebody else took with their camera and time etc. I've done shoots with publications and I can't use the images...
I wouldn't mind, it's not like people would be able to re-create your recipes just by seeing a list of ingredients. Bea of Bloomsbury has all her ingredients listen online for each of her cakes and I don't think it's impacted her business badly at all:
Cake designer.
Scroll up!
No I understood your post jezsie, I was saying say what now to the betty crocker cake and the chef of the restaurant, really? He must not be a very good chef to think that was the best cake he'd ever tasted. No offence to you at all but it's a box mix and he's supposed to be a chef. That's like a chef saying a lasagne made with Dolmio jar sauce was the best he ever tasted.
Say what now?
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