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I'm the same age as you, no store front and I'm black, who cares? No way would I take what you take for a cake. Understand that the people who are going to judge you because of your race/age/religion/blah blah, you don't want them as your customers. Make a facebook PAGE, not account. Are you Annie or Desiray? Make it strictly business. Pay a logo designer, you can get one done for less than you might expect, doesn't need to be groundbreaking but it needs to look...
At least there's one thing we're ahead of the US in cake wise, excluding taste of course.
Can't you buy cake box extenders?  
If its a gift for a friend and she wants to be nice and give you a gift in return then set any amount you want. If you are doing it for her quid pro wuo then you need to work out how much all the ingredients are going to cost you, how long its going to take you and then add your wage. I'm assuming because its for a friend you wont want to make any profit on it. I'm not going to get into the legal battle that will probably ensue, but I'm sure there are plenty who'll be...
I've done the all on one go but next time I will do the wrapping technique, I think its much easier to buff smooth a seem then to fix any potential tears. Here's a flickr pictorial of the all in one:  Also from watching the video's of some US bakers, your sugarpaste looks like its made out of some unbreakable material, slapping it all over the place and what not.  
Anyone had a chance to try out the new Squires Kitchen sugarpaste?  
Sugarflair or squires kitchen are the two brands people use, don't use liquid food colour, it'll make your sugapaste sticky and the colour is too weak. Also for dark colours you might want to use the extra strength ones like the black and red ones from sugarflair.
That's the spirit!
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