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Hahaahahaaha! Such a funny picture, and your work is gorgeous!
Imaan you can use water or dry dust it. I've done it with water and a large sofy brush. Just try not to go over the same area twice or you'll remove the gold you put on. Then once its dry you can dust on top again for a smoother finish.
I add black sugarflair to white fondant and let it rest. The longer you leave it the bluer it gets.
WORD! Never a truer word spoken.
Thanks for the yellow tip, my grey always turns a pale blue.
Why don't you do it instead?
No I've never heard of this, it's not your responsibility to ensure they get fed. If they are so concerned they can make their own basket before guests arrive surely?
Another Londoner here too!
Haha that's exactly it! Let's be real, a lot of the rude posts aren't to help the OP, it's to make yourself and others laugh. Don't dress it up as sincere business advice, it's just b*tchin'.
No gelatin in Cake Lace, I bought a tub of the pearl/silver at the cake and bake show. Claire was fab in person.
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