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This situation sounds odd, I'm not a big fan of the finders fee or whatever but I'm not against it. A lot of wedding planners don't use them and instead prefer you to pass on the discount to the bride, but it's not uncommon for planners/venues to do it the other way. They usually take a 10% fee from you and they are transparent about it. Luxury planners and venues do this quite a lot, we just don't know about it! If a reputable external business is bringing you...
The ones who insist they speak about it in the consulations are the one with a limited budget, they hope to win you around with their amazing charm and charisma. Its probably in some wedding magazine advice column somewhere.  
How long has it been since you put in your meta data? It takes a while, before I was on page 20 something for cakes in my area, a few months later it was up to 9, now i'm page 1,2,3 depending on what exactly is being searched for. I don't know how many link backs I have but getting featured on blogs will probably help as well. In the end, content is king for SEO.  
I got my theme from themeforest, very cheap. I paid a web designer for my 1st site and it was crapola. I've done this one by myself, very good theme with lots of different options to customize. I can add photos myself, change text as and when I want, optimise it for SEO, add many pages as I want, I could go on and on. Clients comment on how professional it looks, I cringe looking at the old site. The support forums are also excellent as are...
Defo more rustic, lace/vintage, and a whole lot of purple over here too.
Need some beige-y colour stuff to use as filler flowers on a cake. Google's giving me silk flowers and pictures. Any help would be appreciated!
What kind of person leaves a fresh cream cake in a car for a day?  
You can use normal paste colours for modelling choc!  
Oh snap I use inkscape too! My bro gave me his photoshop c6 or cs6 or something but I have no clue how to use it.
I always do a sketch, It takes like 2 minutes. After they've explained what they want I can usually figure out in my head what they're looking for, and if they want something changed we can amend it there and then. I sometimes do them on the computer as well, 15 minute job. I keep the sketch because I work from it. I don't think I would be able to do a cake without a guide, I draw sketches for fake cakes too.  
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