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 Sing it!
She wanted a decorated 2 tier for less than £65? How many hours is it going to take to do it? Minus your ingredients and divide by your hours, you've made no profit and very little per hour.
Buy this.I don't think the UK is anymore price sensitive than anywhere else. I've never heard of anyone here itemising their invoices with their costs, no one needs to know how much your sugarpaste costs!
The from scratch WASC recipe. When I first found CC I tried it 3 times and it was just horrible. How can something with so much sugar taste so bad? That's when I stopped using US cake recipes, I'm convinced something is lost in translation.
Please tell me you replied with the exact same price lol!
I think the cake was just fine, it looked like the sketch plus it was an absolute bargain! 
If the way you're doing business is just fine, I probably won't need to answer that question. Good luck with everything!
It might be worth getting in touch with people like Karen Davies and other mould makers.
I don't see a problem customers providing a stand but they have to send me a picture of it before hand. That stand doesn't look like it would hold anything up and even if the mum said she wanted it, you should have been the professional and said no. I have to say the lean is very noticeable but you told her you were a newbie and it was a cheap cake, so how much can she complain? Maybe you should have a think about they way you're doing business, if you're under...
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