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Does anyone have a great layered cake with cheesecake layer in between recipe? I would like to do one for an anniversary gift. thanks for any ideas. Pat
I did a wedding using cheecake and actually frosted them in buttercream. Fabulous!
I like have to make them close to when you will be serving them. If you refrigerate overnight they will start to sweat once you take them out of fridge. The juices in the strawberry...
you have to position the bismark tip in say three different places and squeeze filling until ou can see it come to the top. Push tip almost to bottom when starting out.
I did a cheesecake wedding and used the satellite stands that were gorgeous...I filled with mini lights and ivy.  I frosted my cheesecakes with buttercream so I could decorate and they were tremendous.  Had a hard time with the hall staff insisting they chill them right after pics were taken at beginning of dinner because they would have tasted much better but they were still great...rasberry swirl and chocolate swirl per request.
OMG! I so love it...I hope you don't mind if I borrow it sweetpea. Pat
need a great birthday saying for use with edible image of depend package.
have you used the chocolate writers? I LOVE them. come in all colors. Can get them at local cake/candy supply store.
you guys are the bomb. What great ideas. thanks so much.
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