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I add a packet of WhipIt by Oetker found in baking isle of grocery store and a packet of vanilla sugar also by Oetker to 8 ounces of heavy whipping cream when whipping.
Mom wants spiderman/my little pony combine cake...HELP. need ideas. Also candy class idea using my little pony theme.
I just ordered a five sample pack of different it! very easy to work with. order the samples and try yourself.
I have seen cake made with leopard spots on MyCakeSchool blog or​with-cake-batter are cutting out cake circles but covering with frosting. not sure how to achieve this unless you top off with an edible image with print on it.
nut/poppy seed rolls, angel wings...I would look for angel wing recipe,,,fried dough rolled in powder could help sugar them. Easy to grab and eat.
it is just cake and buttercream. I would do them Friday for Sunday. If buttercream has milk/cream in recipe, I would put in box in fridge. You don't want frosting too hard because they need to push up the push pop.
thanks for trying to describe it Jan. I was always curious and might give it a try.
I have never had it...can you tell me if it is on the tart side or super sweet? Always looking for something new. thanks much. Pat
I know you don't want pudding but this is good. Are you familiar with Rich's Bettercream? You can buy it at GFS store. They use it at most grocery store bakeries. First you beat up a large softened cream cheese and had a cup of milk and small box of pistachio instant pudding and set aside - it will be thick...then in a large bowl whip 2 cups of cold Rich's until thick and fold in your pudding cream cheese sure not to overbeat the Rich's...if it gets to...
great idea freezing cheese cake. I would think the brownie layer would be a bit dry so maybe a chocolate would be a better choice for cake due to the fact it is heavier than a white. Thanks for the tips.
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