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there was a thread from Melvira awhile back with so many alterations using Bettercreme, Ya'll help me here if I misquote but I have used it and love it. Take a counter softened package ( 8-oz) cream cheese and beat with mixer...if using vanilla bettercreme add to cream cheese one small box INSTANT vanilla pudding mix with about 1/2 cup milk and mix all together...then beat your Bettercreme maybe less than 10 mins until thick..if too thick add a bit more bettercreme..then...
my experience decorating a cake with colored buttercream or fondant decos was that they bled onto the whipped cream...unless you are serving close to the time you are decorating, I think it would be a bit messy. You have to fridge a whipped cream cake so that would be a problem. As for taking color, any? I think pastels but black and pastels, may run together. Just a thought.
I have used Bada Bing and it melts nice and tastes great. You can always thin your chocolate with paramount crystals but depends on what you are using it for. I always was a fan of Van Leer but cannot find it locally in Ohio.
I add a packet of WhipIt by Oetker found in baking isle of grocery store and a packet of vanilla sugar also by Oetker to 8 ounces of heavy whipping cream when whipping.
Mom wants spiderman/my little pony combine cake...HELP. need ideas. Also candy class idea using my little pony theme.
I just ordered a five sample pack of different it! very easy to work with. order the samples and try yourself.
I have seen cake made with leopard spots on MyCakeSchool blog or​with-cake-batter are cutting out cake circles but covering with frosting. not sure how to achieve this unless you top off with an edible image with print on it.
nut/poppy seed rolls, angel wings...I would look for angel wing recipe,,,fried dough rolled in powder could help sugar them. Easy to grab and eat.
it is just cake and buttercream. I would do them Friday for Sunday. If buttercream has milk/cream in recipe, I would put in box in fridge. You don't want frosting too hard because they need to push up the push pop.
thanks for trying to describe it Jan. I was always curious and might give it a try.
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