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I think it's the AmeriColor. I had the same with a cake 2 weeks ago, had to pipe grass with buttercream. Buttercream was fine, until I added the Electric Green ... it went all "wet" and lumpy.   So - no more AmeriColor in my buttercream ... shame though, I like the Electric Green ... it's so vibrant
Yes, they should be trilled!
Exactly ... and everybody deserves cake (plenty of alternatives) ... just not everybody can affort a custom cake.   And actually this week I tried to educate somebody (silly me). The person invited 130 persons to her wedding, and was looking for a wedding cake with a budget of max $ 400 (and she was stretching it). She literally asked for a hobby baker with a big heart.   When I mentioned that perhaps she would need to rethink that, because that was just not a doable...
Okee - so I hope you are sitting down for this one then   Where I live (the Netherlands) that is actually a fairly common advice. The question of "how much for this cake" is very lively here as well. And the most told advice ....   "charge your ingredients and then some extra for your cake money box"   And when you ask the advisor why in heck's name that advice was given, the answer almost always is   "because if you add labour to the price, the cake becomes very...
Taartenmaker, that seriously has to do with the way people think about cake in the Netherlands. Custom cakes is still very new and people expect they get a full customized cake with hours and hours of work in it, for the same price of a whipped cream cake at the HEMA. And honestly ... we are cultivating that thought with customer, afraid to ask market prices.   As long as we don't educate the people, raise our prices and (more importantly) stick to them, nothing will...
hehehehe - sorry ... my bank account barely can support my shopping sprees
Probably ... I always get greedy when I shop there ... Unfortunately they don't ship everything internationally.
Thanks!! I just ordered through Paypal!    
Hi Guys, I don't often order cross border, but this time I need some stuff that I only can find with GSA at the moment.   I know that end of last year there have been a lot of issues with the credit card payments and fraud with customers who purchased online with GSA and paid with their CC.   Before I order ... is it safe to pay with CC already or is it just better to be safe than sorry and go through Paypal?   Thanks!!
Thanks! That indeed did the trick. I had to wrap it firmly in saran wrap to let it cool and set, but it worked brilliantly!
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