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Hey OP, I'm curious how this lady would react if you decide to go to her. If you have the time you could go over to her place. Before you do so, please make it clear that you're making an exception for her. When you do go, be very professional, and PLEASE be prepared to walk away from the project if she is looking for someone to walk all over.For all you know she may not be as looney as she has presented herself.
However this turns out, OP I'm so proud of the way you've handled your communication with them, and the way you've backed your product. I really hope this blows away soon.
Thanks LisaPeps. I'm going to go the reduction route.
I have some strawberry puree left over from some cupcakes I made. I'd like to add this to SMBC but before I do: I'm thinking I should boil it with some sugar or something.Since fresh fruit BC needs to be refrigerated, wouldn't adding the puree mean my SMBC is no longer shelf stable? How do you 'process' fresh fruit purees before adding them to S/IMBC
OK I'm curious. What's so special about these recipes?
It means based on the information provided (pH and aW) it does not require refrigeration. Just as the original site says, you are fully liable for however it turns out.
Scenario 1, I would call the person who emailed you and have her 'prepare' the birthday girl for my call. So it's not a cold call.Scenario 2. Sister please! Can't walk because you're spending money?This would be my response:Dear Customer,I regret that I am be unable to accommodate your request at this time.Godspeed.( get it?)Cake Lady
Hi everyone, in light of recent threads about customer complaints, requests for refunds, canceling payments e.t.c.I'd like us to have a thread as a reference point (not a place for legal advice) just for guidelines on how to handle these issues, from prevention (contract clauses) to damage control.For example:I understand that Square does not permit refunds so if a customer is to get a refund, the merchant must run 2 transactions: one to charge the new (discounted) amount...
It's not about sending out defective cake but a means to prevent people from lying about the cake in order to weasel some $$ out of you.If they lied in order to get some money back and claimed the cake was inedible after they've served the cake and guests even raved about it [another CC post a couple of months ago], knowing that they have to bring proof of this horrible, inedible cake that nobody touched would be a deterrent against lying or at least cause them to find a...
Man I wish I could pile on my SMBC as thick as RBI does, it looks so good. I always end up with a thin layer Any tips?
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