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Great post AZCouture.I'm glad you brought up the topic as I feel it ties in to an issue I've been thinking about. I figure I'll go ahead and share it here.For an order I have next week I'll be making 6 dozen cupcakes in 6 different flavors with accompanying SMBCs i.e. one dozen of each flavor. I couldn't help thinking: It takes me just as much time/utilities/activities (clean up e.t.c) to make one batch of cupcakes (24) as it does a half batch (12), so for each dozen, I'm...
Nice save OP!
This ^"But, but on your website there are photos of some sheet cakes. What do you mean you don't do sheet cakes?" I try to accept only jobs that fit the business image I want to build and project. So I've had to turn down sheet cakes or copyright infringement cakes if the customer insists that's the only option they're willing to consider.
Thanks for the photos Cat. Those keys are such a nice touch. Good job!
Please share pics if you can
*Backs out of thread s-l-o-w-l-y*
Don't waste your money. They suck.
I agree, especially with the cherries.
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