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Hi everyone. I have a 5.5qt Cuisinart and I'm looking to get a bigger mixer. With my current mixer I feel like even though it's a 5.5qt bowl I only get maybe 4 to 4.5 qt working capacity at most because of the way the bowl and the mixer 'head' are designed. I noticed the KA mixers have a wider, more shallow bowl. For those with KAs do you feel you get more working capacity with KAs?
Interesting. Very good catch jewelsq.
#TeamJason <333
One word: Contract.
Before I started measuring I typically ended up trashing the excess (I use SMBC exclusively so unlike American BC, it does not last forever). Sometimes I'll use the BC to practice some piping.I tend not to have too much excess these days. I measure how much BC a batch makes and record how many cupcakes/cakes it was enough for so that the next time I know how to scale up or down to get just enough. One batch of my BC (approximately 28oz) makes just enough to frost 2 dozen...
Thanks Rae.
My dad gave me my first cookbook when I was about 13. I grew up in Africa so we didn't always have an oven. The alternative was a very interesting oven: Huge pot, filled with sand, heated till it was SUPER hot; the pan was then placed on the sand and covered tightly. I don't know who came up with it but that contraption worked because the sand got super hot and kind of diffused the heat so there was not one hot spot like if I were to use a pan on the stove directly....
I used Lodge's GP for the first time 2 nights ago and it was a fragile mess. I used the celpad and a metal ball tool, no bueno. Whenever I tried to thin out the petal it would tear. Rolling it thin (with a rolling pin) was not a problem. The problem came when I tried to use the ball tool to thin out the petal.Not sure what I did wrong. Maybe I need to add more PS when making the GP.P.S. For the Celpad, when do you use the foam side vs the dark 'fabric' side?
After a craptastic episode with weird tasting butter (Borden) I've switched back to Plugra-- which I stopped using because I felt it was too buttery. I'll take "too buttery" over "funny tasting" any day. Plugra is $2.67/lb at my Restaurant Depot.
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