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Amen! Some lady contacted me after looking at my site and asked "How much will you charge for 50 xyz (exact name of the flavor) cupcakes?" My prices are listed RIGHT ON TOP of the flavors in bold. No way anyone could have missed that. Sometimes I wonder if people do that so that the cake decorator will quote a lower price. How much will I charge? The exact amount I stated on my blooming website!
You're welcome.
Yeah, that's a valid reason alright.
Thank you so much!
Was going through some old threads and found this one. As it turns out, the OP has decided to close down the business. I can't help wondering if the (under)pricing concern raised in the thread were part of the reason. *Shrugs* Who knows?
I find it easier to search on google. I just type what I'm looking for and add cake central to the search criterion.
Thanks AZCouture. I'm going to try out foam core on my next practice cake.
For those who use bubble tea straws for 4 tiers and up, do you always stack on-site? Are there any extra precautions (like foam core instead of cake boards, 2 off-center dowel rods, a greater number of straws per tier) that you use? I've only stacked 2 tiers with bubble tea straws. I'd be terrified to do 3 or more but I've heard it can be done and be just as effective as SPS-type devices.
Thanks Costumeczar. @ OP: I was going to say something about reading comprehension and be truly mean but since you're a little on the "sensitive side" now, I'll hold my tongue (or, in this case, my fingers).
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