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Like Like Like! Great points Evoir.OP, what you do is inspiring. I wish you the best.
We NEED a 'like' button.
The 10% is probably refering to the milk fat content, which would be half and half going by:
Yes, this was my concern. I'm just going to be careful about how I market these new options.
^^ This. I get asked so often, I thought to myself, I might want to tap into this market. I've been working on my processes ever since I read that thread. I'm glad to say I'm getting faster and better each time.
Bumping this thread.
AZCouture started this excellent thread ( ) not too long ago, and it led to probably one of the best discussions we've had on CC.Recently I've had clients who ordered cake for an event, coming back wanting something smaller for, say, dinner with family or a game night. Don't want fondant or gumpaste or fancy boards. Just want my cake for dinner and thus cannot meet my current minimum order quantity.I've also had...
No. If your fillings are perishable they should not stay at room temperature first for at least 24 hours with you and possibly another 4-6 hours at the venue. A bubbled-out fondant cake beats a microbiological cesspool anytime.Fondant cakes can be stored in the fridge. You just have to deal with the initial condensation. That has been discussed extensively on this site.I've found that blow out are more related to trapped air pockets in the cake than how it is stored. As...
I'm loving all these new classes that are cropping up. JJR is still my #1 instructor though
Speaking of puppies... RUFF! RUFF!!
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