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There's no way in hades I'm selling a white chocolate mudcake filled and covered with liqueur-infused ganache for the same price as a yellow vanilla cake with BC.When you're shelling out the dough for pounds of chocolate to go into one cake for example compared to basic ingredients for another? No way that is sustainable UNLESS you're operating like Sprinkles or Crave cupcakes. Oh and in their case, the prices appear to sustain the more elaborate flavors with clients...
Dude needs to get a wife...
Wow, such detailed responses. Thank you BakingIrene and BlakesCakes.*CC doesn't send notifications anymore?*So what do you ladies use to cover the holes created in a fondant-covered cake when you're done? With a BC cake, I can see how one can easily 'fix' the hole with more BC but for a fondant cake with no topper/flowers?
I've almost always seen center dowels driven through stacked cakes but recently my chef instructor has us driving the center dowel into the lower tiers and then 'impaling' the top tier on the already inserted dowel. While I like the finished look of this method (no hole on the top tier), the impaling process always has me nervous as I feel the top tier might break, blow out or lawd knows what.I noticed Faye Cahill has a method where she impales all the tiers on a... The basic food handlers' course can be done online or in-person. First find out if your HD recognizes this certification (ServSafe) and then go from there.The Food Safety Manager certification is another, more advanced option. This one requires in-person participation (mine was one semester-long at the local college), and may in fact be what your HD requires. I recommend this one.
*Reads thread title... comes in to check OP's join date... *OK lemme stop. Welcome OP. CC is a great forum. I have only one tip for you. When you try to search for answers to a question, if you can't find it using the search option here, try Google, making sure to add 'cake central' along with your search criteria e.g. for cake pricing you would type: cake pricing cake central. You can thank me later. I believe there are online as well as in-person classes for real cheap. Here we have ServSafe. Not sure what's in your area. Take the class and so many things would become clearer.
Thank you MimiFix.
Hi MimiFix. I just checked out the website and couldn't find any prices. I'm looking to get the 4 count cupcake holders. So far I've found these on papermart and they add up to $0.49 each after shipping is included. How expensive do these Lindar containers run compared to others, do you know? And do they require bulk orders? Thanks!
Sometimes I dip a regular knife in warm water, wipe it dry and then cut a few pieces. Repeat. I get neat cuts that way since the knife is not covered in cake crumbs which often lead to jagged cuts. Some people cut their cakes cold and then allow the slices to come to room temperature. Less crumbs, neater lines.
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