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Thank you BakingIrene! You're such an encyclopedia of knowledge.
I've often wondered about this, thank you for raising the subject. So what was their take on your 'canning' method?
8) I think I just went to heaven! That website is the business!
Thanks fromScratchSF. I'm going to use white sugar... fingers crossed.
HUH?! I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything, I might have choked. Bless your generous heart.
Hi everyone. I need to create a sparkly tier or two (winter theme) with a buttercream (SMBC) cake. The last time I made an SMBC cake, there was some condensation on the BC as the cake came to room temp.   My concern is: If I already have the sanding sugar on, will the condensation mess up/melt the sanding sugar?   How do you handle SMBC and sanding sugar? When do you apply it (and fondant decorations) considering that the cake would be refrigerated-- especially...
Yes, without the butter. I don't know what that is but it sounds GOOD! Thanks for the tip! Absolutely. I was thinking of just the meringue without the butter though.
Thank you Sugaredsaffron and Stitches. I guess I'll be expeiimenting soon to see which one I prefer.
I meant using cooked meringue like Swiss meringue after it has been cooked and whipped. I'm afraid it might deflate and turn into a gooey mess.
I agree; especially since the number of serving is dependent on how the cake is cut. These days I use the per serving charts and pricing to determine how much cake, and the price on my end for the sake of consistency but all the client gets in a final quote is: X cake will cost X amount.   Still need to figure out how to word that on my website though. For now I use "x cake starts at $X per serving." 
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