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I would say definitely three, if not four.
Oh, that's fixable in post editing. Just need to adjust the color with Photoshop, or Picasa, or something online even. If possible, bounce your flash off of a wall nearby, or off the ceiling, or off of a piece of white paper that's just outside of the reach of the camera lens, or crop it out when you edit your pics.
Well, glad you figured it out! Can I make a suggestion for your next photo? Ditch that aluminum foil backdrop. Whatever is behind there has to be better looking than that. The foil just really doesn't do the photo any justice. Just a thought.
How would the pattern not warp going on a sphere? Yeesh....I cant see any viable solution other than a teeny cutter, thin fondant, and some serious patience. At least with fondant, you could manipulate the bends and lines to get as straight as possible. But a transfer or sugar sheet? Can't move them around. @Apti has the most reasonable reply that I can see.
It is a darling site, very colorful without being too loud....and there are most definitely some spelling and grammatical errors to attend to. But that's easy to fix!
Shoot, the last time I had my hair done was years ago! I just get a nice trim and indulge in the part where they wash your hair. The stylist must have long scratchy fingernails. I probably enjoy that a little too much. :D :D I think my pony tail with slightly wavy fly aways is totally chic. And a whaticure??? :D
Well said. I'm sorry you are missing out on time with your grandfather. And I also know the inner pull you felt that told you you couldn't leave a client in the lurch because you know how golden your reputation is and will do anything to keep it shining. We don't cancel on people on Friday night and leave them begging for someone on a Facebook buy/sell/trade page for a cake the next day. (How many times have you received a call like that? More than you count I bet.) I have...
Bottom tier the same as picture except horse of course, (snort snort), horse on top, and rope around top of tier, with the knot off center, tails hanging down with one flower only to the side of the knot, not all perfecty even and spaced out, just one.
And if it is in other threads, then go complain in those threads, stop derailing perfectly fine ones.
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