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Well that's too bad! He had lots of good advice for the people who truly wanted it! I guess it never occur to me that auto responses would cause trouble. Sounds like someone had more of a personal issue with him, I can't imagine an auto response would catch the eye of the mods! Thanks for filling me in, I felt lost! Lol
Where did Jason go? I have been away for a while and noticed he didn't seem to be posting recently, and I saw all his links were gone from his signature block on his old posts... I was confused...?
Sorry, no advise dor tou but wanted say I LOVE this!!
As a long time military wife, I can offer "my" insight on the dependapotomus term, and the misconseption that we get upset or offended if not given any discouts. Sorry in advance for straying from the origional post.The term being referred to is found in the urban dictionary (I've been an army wife for 23 years and only heard that term within the last 6 years or so, and it was being referred to as a joke. My understanding is not that it means the C or B word at all. It...
Welcome to CC Mandy!!
Anna, if you find your picture online elsewhere, mark across it as STOLEN! There are scam busting websites that keeps databases of stolen pictures. Also, if it is used in another scam, hopeully that person will do a google image search andit will pop up with STOLEN on them, and help them avoid being scammed!Hth
You can go to and it will tell you where it came from. You can also google the name, phone number and address and it will come up if it's a scam
My husband said he watched tv program regarding KFC's secret recipe. They said that half of the ingredients are mixed together on the east coast, and the other is mixed on the west. Then they mix it together in a central location, that way nobody knows the entire recipe. Sounds crazy huh?
I have made the Oreo truffels using Mint Oreos dipped in tbe Andes flavored chips!! They were soo good.Sorry I'm not any help with the OP, but wanted to share with Shril.
Your welcome! My husband was in Egypt during the gulf war so he got to watch the action from a I have tons of ideas for your church girls. PM me and I am happy to share! A side note though, I would not recommend sending home baked goods unless you have a specific person to send them to that can share. They aren't supposed to eat anything homebaked from strangers, or addressed to "any soldier". Not everybody is a fan of the war/soldiers so they dont know if...
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