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Yes, as cherries on top said, a small board. You have to trim a small amount from the bottom to keep the cake from rolling away. You can hide the board carefully with fondant, icing, or a border, just like any tiered cake.
Very cute and the beads look awesome!
Haha! I thought the same thing! Terrible. It's on EVERY product description too!
Sweet as Schug Cakes by Schug Or even just plain Schug with a cute tag line. ("There's nothing sweeter"?) I think "Schugar" is confusing and my mind doesn't want to pronounce it as "sugar." Looks more like skoo-gar or something. I found these. Not sure of their selling/shipping policies, but the company has items listed on eBay as well.
I think the 10" plate would work. I love sps also, especially for 3tiers!
"The edible portion" could have just been the fondant covering the styrofoam and the if anyone was going to eat those anyway! I find it disheartening how much stock people put into the "reality" part of reality tv. Even non-reality tv I think, dupes the general public a frightening amount.
The picture is brown, but the brown gels come out very orange. It is hard to get a deep brown color with them. OP, you could also try using cocoa powder to start out with a more natural shade.
Plastic toys or party favors from the dollar store. Bright buttercream colors. Frozen buttercream transfer. Search the gallery for superhero cakes. There are loads. Most have each tier with a different superhero logo. They are done in fondant, usually. I wouldn't recommend spending any of that $50 on fondant. Doing the cake board red with a spider web is a nice touch that doesn't cost much extra.
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