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You could cut your own wrappers. You can find any color paper in the scrapbook section of craft stores.
How about some logos on a fondant or gumpaste pennant on a stick?
Hmm...that's a tough one. I have a "muffins that taste like donuts" recipe and it has a dash of nutmeg in it. Also, sometimes cake donuts have a slight citrus flavor or like the princess emulsion flavor, just a tiny but, not a lot. I might go with a specific type-- jelly donut or cinnamon sugar donut or boston cream donut --instead of a generic donut. I guess that doesn't really address the coffee part though... Sorry.
Yep! What k8 said!
Slap a border on that baby and call it a day.
Wow, thanks for finding that! Totally old school. Love it.
All I know about YouTube I learned from google, but basically if you put out original content on a regular basis, get comments, likes, and shares, you can make money. I haven't watched the aforementioned cake stacking video, but she does have other cute tutorials. They're more of the cutesy variety rather than professional, which is why I didn't bother to watch her cake stacking video. Based on this thread, I didn't miss much. The chocolate chip cookie shot glass is cute...
She has 300,000 subscribers.
How about a lamb?
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