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How many servings do you need?
The wilton ball pan is pretty easy to use. It serves 12. You can stack it on top of another cake (with supports--dowels/straws and cardboard) to make up the additional servings. If you go the carving route, you are likely to waste a lot and spend a lot of frustration. Do you have a bowl you could bake in to make a larger ball? Stainless steel or Pyrex bowl?
White chocolate cream cheese icing Almond Lavender Butterscotch Peanut butter Pumpkin Vanilla bean (still vanilla, but taken to another level?) Rum Horchata (cinnamon almond) Pistachio Mint Honey
I imagine it is still edible but I would not sell it to a customer. I would serve it to my family. Lol
Try banging the tray on the counter after you pipe them. It is supposed to get rid of large air bubbles that cause cracking. I'm a novice macaroner myself. I have at most a 60% success rate as far as feet and cracks, and I do the Italian version from the bouchon bakery cookbook. Chocolate butterflies are pretty.
Dino cake is at the bottom
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