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Posts by Sassyzan Chocolate butterflies are pretty.
Dino cake is at the bottom
What does the $24 get? Simple swirl? If so, then add on extra for your time of designing and arranging and decorating.
Use "no-taste red" from wilton or tulip red from americolor. They do not have the bitter taste that other reds have.
I got super cheap spritzer bottles from eBay, filled them with a mixture of vodka and gel food coloring, and sprayed them on royal-iced cookies. It works.I made these cookies using that method my best work, but I was just experimenting.The bamboo stencil was the most expensive thing! But since you're making the one in the...
When making caramel apples, you dip the apples in boiling water for a second and then rub them with a paper towel to remove the wax coating. That step might help make the fondant stick better.
@howsweet--possibly wheat grass. You can find it growing in the counters of some juice bars and health food-type places.
Fondant or gumpaste with an extruder.
My guess is that that recipe is barely going to hold up on its own, let alone under fondant.
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