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That sounds like one huge pain in the........
Great! Cute cake!
Buttercream is fine. It just wont work if she wants to keep the whole thing as a keepsake.
I make this recipe all the time. I had it on cupcakes with fondant toppers in an 80-degree room and it didn't budge. Can't vouch for it on a tiered cake in the heat yet, but the stuff works somehow. Plus it's really yummy.
That's what I was going to suggest. I did the same thing for a Zumba ribbon for a cupcake stand.
Ok I know you already did the cake but I have an idea. What if you did this sort of like a chocolate collar, but using a non-crusting icing? Assuming you can freeze bettercreme (which I am pretty sure you can), what if you made a long strip of freezer paper or waxed paper. Pipe the design on the paper, then wrap it around a crumb-coated cake. Freeze the whole thing, then peel off the paper. Crazy? Brilliant? Not worth the effort? I have no idea. I have never used...
Wilton sells cake sparkles in silver as well as silver stars edible glitter.
Wilton color mists or make your own by mixing gel coloring with vodka and spraying it on. Or for a slightly different take, you could smooth different fondant colors together and roll them out at once. Paint on the black spots over last, whether you spray or not.
I believe that is Royal icing stenciled over fondant. You use a medium-thick consistency RI and spread it over the stencil with a spatula.
Yay! That's such a fun course, isn't it? Beautiful job. One tip I have is for when you're using cutters. If you can get those jagged edges off your fondant, your flowers will look much more polished. One way to get them clean is to try to get the gum paste to stick in the cutter, flip it over, and run your finger around the edges of the cutter. This helps rub those jagged edges off. I think the wilton cutter set for this course is kind of notorious for not cutting clean...
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